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When Rubino Brothers was first founded, phrases like 'environmental impact' and 'waste reduction' weren't exactly buzzwords. It was 1900. Cars were just a novelty. Flash forward to today, and the proliferation of junk metal is taking its toll on our community and our world.


Do your part to keep our towns clean and put some extra money in your pocket. Let

Rubino Brothers take that scrap metal off your hands. We collect all grades of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.  

Metal recycling information

Letting junk cars and scrap metal accumulate in your yard isn't doing you any good. Get rid of it, and make some money in the process. Call Rubino Brothers! Got a lot of metal? We'll come up with a waste reduction strategy to help you clean up your area and keep it that way.


Whether you're an individual homeowner or large-scale contractor, Rubino Brothers has the people and the equipment to handle the job. Full container service is available, too. 

Waste reduction

Rubino Brothers can recycle most scrap metal, but not all. Please call us to make sure we can handle it before you bring it to us.

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