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Ferrous metals are those that contain iron. Non-ferrous metals don't, which isn't a bad thing. Non-ferrous metals are generally more expensive and desirable than ferrous metals due to their lower weight, conductivity and other properties.  


Examples of non-ferrous metals include brass, copper, tin and aluminum. Surely you have some of these things gathering dust in your garage right now. Put them to good use, and put some money in your pocket. Bring the metal to us, or we'll pick it up.

Non-ferrous metal information

Use of non-ferrous metals is so widespread that factories and other industries want to recycle these metals! Non-ferrous metals play an integral part in the metallurgy industry. Your scrap metal is serving no purpose just sitting around. Let Rubino Brothers give it a new purpose.


If you're thinking, "they'd never buy that," think again! You'd be surprised at what we collect for cash. We accept lead, car batteries, electric motors and more. Call us today!

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throw away money! Call us to see what your scrap metal is worth. You may be sitting on a fortune.

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